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[Big red packet] provided by the property management. A total of 150,000 red packets are issued.

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With the eager expectation for friends and relatives in my hometown, I feel guilty about wasting the Spring Festival, and with respect to the new fat on my body, the Spring Festival has passed. Where has the time gone? I haven't enjoyed it yet, but the holidays are gone. It seems that every year is like this without special memory left.

Happy life is realized through struggling. Interesting New Year is created. In this year, the owners of Vanke Hangzhou District spent a bright "prosperous year", and received a New Year lucky bag prepared by property management staff.

Before the New Year, the owners are already busy on preparing all kinds of New Year's goods, window flowers, Fu and all kinds of small ornaments to welcome the New Year. During this festive period, Vanke Service also prepared a warm spring gift package for the owners. The new package gifts cover the entire district of Hangzhou, including Hangzhou, Ningbo, Nanchang and other regions in nearly more than 200 communities. The new year blessing will be delivered to 150000 families.

As early as mid-January, the staff of Hangzhou Vanke began to prepare the warmhearted activities and purchased nearly 150,000 lucky bags and new spring gifts in advance. Ningbo Vanke Service started to prepare activity planning, material design, and community decoration and notice delivery etc.

At 18:08 on December 29, the community was decorated with decorative lamps brightly. The festive fireworks are ringing, and the surprise owners are working with the property staff to record the memorable moment with the camera.

Look, the God of Wealth dressing in red robe, golden crown and long beard is coming. You may be blessed by the God of Wealth and make a fortune in 2018.

At the New Year's eve, when all families are busy preparing dinner, Vanke Service Hangzhou District called out and sent the well-prepared New Year lucky bag to the owners.

The owners at home received the blessing while open the door. And those outside would see the lucky bag on the door handle which was full of affection and happiness. Quickly open the bag, and see what're inside: Round and full Fu wishes you a happy New Year and the red packet blesses you lucky in fortune. The warm greeting card wrote by Vanke Service wishes you Happy New Year.  

The owners will feel happy when the property manager sends the new year greeting package to the home.

The Spring Festival atmosphere of China not only refers to gathering at the table, but also from the traditional customs and objects: writing Spring Festival couplets, pasting Fu, issuing red packet, paper-cut and paper-cut pasting……These things full of good wish are the link between the owner and the Property Management to create a harmonious community and achieve prosperity. Spending Spring Festival together with Vanke Service is of special flavor.

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