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Life lies in movement instead of mess around. Please forward this article to your parents

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The underage neighbors, adult neighbors and old neighbors are familiar with the famous sayings of Voltaire——Life lies in movement. Da Vinci also said that sport is the source of all life. In other words, sports are very important. Proper sports can not only strengthen the body, refresh the spirit, but also keep you away from illness and prolong your life.

However, the wrong sports and methods are counterproductive and even endanger lives. For example, in June 2017, an old man suddenly fell down to ground after having a fierce table tennis match with his friend. He died after being rescued which is a sad event.  

Due to the recession of body organs, the accumulation of blood vessel waste, many elderly neighbors are prone to be attacked by high blood pressure and other diseases. Improper physical activities will lead to cardiac burden which will further lead to cardiac arrest, myocardial infarction and a series of "killer" diseases which are quite terrible.

Therefore, the elderly must arrange sports events and time scientifically and reasonably. Do not pursuit [speed and passion] blindly. You should be more careful in cold winter and cool spring while doing sports.

How to carry out scientific movement? While achieve the fitness effects, how to avoid athletic injuries and sudden illness? The editor provided some tips as follows:

1. Keep warm while doing outdoor exercises at the end of winter and early spring when the whether is cold.

For sports time selection, avoid the time points with low temperature and heavy air pollution, such as morning and evening, and choose between 10 a.m. and 16 p.m.; avoid an empty stomach exercise and try to start exercising two hours after the meal.

For selection of sports equipment, you'd better choose cotton clothes which are easy to absorb sweat, special sneakers, and some comfortable and warm accessories, such as gloves and heavy socks. And then, change clothes in time after exercising to avoid catching cold.

2. Make proper warm-up exercises and persistently do exercises

Before formal exercise, take light activities, such as physical activities, stretching muscles, regulating body temperature, stretching and small steps etc.

Persistently do exercises. Don't try to eat fat or get skinny. Single strength and duration shall follow the principle of gradual increasing. The amount of exercise shall be subject to no dizziness, panic, chest tightness, shortness of breath, fatigued after the movement. Exercise frequency should be 2 to 3 times per week, and should not exceed 1 hour each time.

3. Make proper water complement and appropriate alternate work with rest

Don't drink too much water in the movement. Do not drink too much water immediately after exercise. After the heart rate returned to normal level, intake water for multiple times and supplement appropriate amount of salt. Do not drink carbonated drinks or other cold drinks (drink sports drinks properly).

In the exercise process, take appropriate rest according to physical conditions. Wipe the sweat to avoid catching cold.  

4. Vigorous confrontation is not advisable. Exercise the body calmly.

The elderly should try to choose calm sports, such as fast walking, jogging, taichi, square dancing, exercises, etc., to avoid basketball, running, handstand, weight lifting, sit-ups, such as high strength and large amount of exercises.

In the process of exercising, maintain good state of mind to strengthen the body as the main purpose.

5. Keep an eye on your body and seek medical advice immediately.

During the exercise, you should always bring your family's contact information or communication equipment for unexpected needs. In case of sudden headache, dizziness, weakness, unclear speech, chest distress, chest pain, breathing difficulties and other symptoms, stop the exercise immediately, seek medical treatment nearby, or seek help from others.

Of course, except for choosing the right sports and protection measures according to their own situation, it is better to have families beside you.

Finally, I hope that everyone can get strong physique and strong spirit through scientific movement.

Of course, if you can not remember so many prompts, pay attention to the warm prompts when do exercises in a Vanke Community. Be responsible for your health at any time.

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