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The 200 native eggs arrived. Please check in.

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Did you have a good time in this Spring Festival?

None of the colleagues of Zhizhijun looked good:

Shen spent the Spring Festival at her mother-in-law's home in the northeast. She drank wine instead of rice for a week. She didn't take any rice. She became thin out of shape;

George didn't escape from the fate of forced marriage. In order to retain the affection between family members, he ordered a ticket for travelling at the 2nd month of the lunar calendar;

Ran was busy to look after the baby. She complained that the Chinese new year was completed, she could have a rest;

Hao brought two chicken. He said that he didn't have a quite meal in order to grasp red packet.

The Chinese new year in our memory has changed. In the adult world, the Spring Festival is called as "spring disaster", failure of buying a railway ticket, being urged to get married and fertility, dull Spring Festival Gala and "extracting confession by torturing" by relatives. We can not eat well, sleep well, with large amount of expenditures......

When we talk about Spring Festival, it is a long story——

A new custom [Collecting Wufu]: It is a sad story

"Six aspirations which can not be realized: Elixir, regret medicine, railway ticket of the Ministry of Railways, Water Lustily, sentiment flower poisonous and Jing Ye Fu of Alipay."

"I though that the Wufu IQ tax is disposable. But actually it is to be paid annually……”

"I bought a Jing Ye Fu from a stranger. The results showed a big loss."

"In fact, I was involved in the dividends of 500 million projects of the world's top 500 companies."

"1 Yuan is also an income. It is better than the 50yuan cash coupon for Maserati of the last year!"

Discussing jobs with relatives: Too embarrassed to mention the job

"After knowing that I am a programmer, my relatives urged me to change a job since they believed that fixing computer is not perspective job, even worse than a civil servant."

"Every time my family asks about my work, I never talk about programmer, because they haven't heard the word. Instead, I introduced myself as a development of mobile software;

And then they will ask what a mobile software developer is. I answered that just like QQ. They instantly understood……

Then they would say, offer me a QQ membership……”

"It is embarrassed to talk about my job.

How to explain emotion education to others? When I confidently discussed with them on how much it is required, and boys in China should learn emotional intelligence and love, I analyzed fluently.

They looked at me, kept silent for 3s, and then said [bottom up].

Amazing [Biological clock]:Deal with jet lag during the whole Spring Festival

"Grandma came to my room at 4:30 every day and asked me to have breakfast, or ate pickles beside the bed."

"When I came back from the bathroom at 6:00 a.m., my grandmother has folded up the quilt. "

"My mother called me get up at 8:00 a.m., 8:30 a.m. and 9:00 a.m. respectively, and finally shout: Get up. It's up to noon!"  I got up, and found that it was 9:39 a.m."

"My dad shook me up in the morning and said, "Go on sleeping. I'm not bothering you. It's still early. I'm going to make breakfast."

[My mother and I love and quarrel with each other]

"In the 7 holidays, my mother arranged 5 days of marriage interview. I drank coffee almost to stomach bleeding…”

"At each New Year's Eve dinner of Spring Festival, my mother always put additional stools, a pair of dishes, and a bowl of dumplings. She said that she prepare those for her daughter-in-law in the future. Every year, I had a feeling of widowed at young age."  

"I bought more than 200 native eggs, a duck, a goose, 1.5~2kg of sausage, 5kg of soil pork, 15kg of vegetable oil and tea oil, 7.5kg of New Year cake. On the halfway, my mother-in-law called and said that they forgot to put beef and soft-shelled turtle to he luggage.

"My sister is despaired. My mother stuffed her a dozen of coconuts."

While talking about Chinese Spring Festival, although everyone feel a mass. However, it is a kind of happiness.

When arrive home after hard working, collecting Fu, turning on TV to watch Spring Festival Gala, chatting with somebody not very congenially, all of these make the Spring Festival a sense of ceremony. Reestablish the relationship between the present and the past and the past.

These ceremonies just like a broadcast button. As long as pressing the button, the dormant common memory can be aroused. It will remind you of where you came from and how to arrive here step by step.  

A calculation formula popular on the web is as shown below: Assume that if you only have 7 days in one year, a maximum of 11 hours per day, and assume that your parents are 60 years old and can live to 80 years old, we only have 1540 hours, namely 64 days together with our parents.  

Far those working away from home, the actual time spent with parents and relatives is less than four days. However, we though it is a long time.

So even if we make fun of the Spring Festival, even we considered it as a "sacrifice", it is worth happiness in heart. After all, we spend most of the time for work and friends, the limited time is especially precious.

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