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Spending the Lantern Festival with Vanke Service has cured my post-holiday syndromes

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Please enjoy the feast and wine.

Watch lanterns in the night and spend the Festival

----Night of Shangyuan Festival 6 poems[Tang Dynasty] Cui Ye

The first month of the lunar calendar is the first month counted according to Chinese lunar calendar. The ancients used to call night as Xiao. Therefore, the first full moon night of the first month of the lunar calendar is called the Lantern Festival.

China is a large country with long history. The customs of the Lantern Festival of the country are different throughout the country. Eating sweet dumpling, riddle solving, watching lanterns, lion dancing etc. are several important folk customs of the Lantern Festival. For every festival, people will take activities and spend the Lantern Festival.  

On the occasion of the festival night, Vanke Service arranged wonderful Lantern Festival activities. The typical eating sweet dumpling and riddle solving are essential!

In addition to these two classic activities, the neighbors of Fujian, Guangzhou, Ningbo and Shanghai participated in the special Lantern Festival activities. Please note the following items!

1. Fujian Lion dancing

Lion dancing is an excellent folk art in China. On every festival or festival celebration, people are delighted with the lion dancing. Each lion has two performances. One plays at the lion head and the other one plays at the tail. The performers dress up as lions in the drums and music, and play likes a lion. In the performance process, the lion dancers will perform the south school martial arts in a variety of ways, which are rich of masculinity.

2. Guangzhou Aiyiyingman Cup

The property managers of Qingyuan North Dream Town are full of creativity and affection. The owners can taste sweet dumpling. The sweet dumplings are contained in paper bowls to show property managers' love for the owners.

3. Ningbo Dancing and watching spring moon

The aunts in the communities organized dance teams spontaneously. In case of activities in each , the aunts will practice various self-directed programs to promote the activities. Although these aunts are retired people at home, they are unwilling to be lonely. They love sports and activities, and enjoy a colorful life.

4. Shanghai Drama Songfuzhi

Shanghai Vanke Service showed happiness large community activities together with Meilong Street Office. The big stage of the evening is still exciting.  

The Shanghai opera (Flower Drum Opera) performance team organized by Chunshengjingcheng owners presented onsite music playing (Fig. 1) and typical [Child play] (Fig. 2) . The traditional ensemble played by folk music class has brought huge surprise for us.


In the Lantern Festival activities, the selected cities covered more than 70,000 families which makes hundreds of thousands of owners feel warm and sweet. In the future, we will continue to work hand in hand and strive constantly to create a warm and beautiful life atmosphere for the owners. They not only pay attention to the improvement of the quality of property service, but also joy the beautiful life.  Rich and interesting community activities will make every owner enjoy the healthy and beautiful life!

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